Pharmaceutical – LAbeling

Our model provides highly qualified, fully vetted labeling specialists to tackle a wide variety of labeling projects. 

Revising Labeling

Revisions of labels, cartons and IFUs

  • Updates for MDR changes, notified body, numbers, EU authorization rep., etc.
  • Creating space on cartons and labels for serialization marking
  • Changes to Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files

Virtual Label Management

The Network Partners labeling team logs into a client’s network to make secure changes and become your virtual labeling team.

  • Label creation and revision
  • Change management documentation
  • All data management handled off-site by Pharmaceutical Labeling Professionals


Graphics artists develop and implement new branding on various forms of packaging.

  • Update cartons, labels, and IFUs to meet current standards
  • Revisions to graphics after mergers and acquisitions
  • Management of artwork file

Label System Implementation

A team of specialists handle all aspects of a label system implementation.

  • User Requirement Specification (URS) and infrastructure development
  • Data clean-up and migration
  • Label format and verification
  • Go-live strategies and support

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