Too much work and not enough resources?

It’s time to work happier! Here are 5 Benefits of a Network Partners Packaging Engineering Apprentice

In our current economy, we find medical device and pharmaceutical clients have trouble filling key positions; packaging engineers being one of the most challenging. We listened to the voice of the customer and developed the Network Partners Apprentice Leadership Program. With limited oversight, our Packaging Engineering Apprentices can complete your project work beginning the first day. Our program fills the industry need for packaging engineers with strong foundational medical device and pharmaceutical packaging knowledge.

Below are the five benefits of hiring a Network Partners Packaging Engineering Apprentice and how our Apprentices can meet business objectives, work on-site with flexible contracts and complete projects on-time and on-budget, allowing you to work happier.


Our Apprentices are Entry-level Engineers with Industry Knowledge

Identifying you need a packaging engineer is the easy part. Identifying that perfect fit is where we come in. Network Partners bridges the gap between a traditional entry level engineer and someone with the right working knowledge to be effective. Network Partners Apprentices have 400+ hours of classroom and hands-on medical device and pharmaceutical packaging engineering training. We’ve accelerated the learning curve with our industry leading bootcamp and impart 1-2 years of functional experience using simulated exercises and drawing on our SMEs real world experiences.

“The program begins with the foundation of US and Global packaging regulations and continues to add building blocks of knowledge such as packaging configurations and materials, testing procedures, writing protocols and test reports, experience with design control, technical documentation, material testing, validation, sterilization and shelf lift studies. A combination of classroom and hands-on learning provides a strong foundation and, more importantly, explains how and why these elements work together.”

Karen Polkinghorne, EVP, Network Partners

In addition to technical medical device and pharmaceutical packaging engineering training, the program exposes Apprentices to critical cross functional disciplines adjacent to packaging, such as Labeling, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Evaluations & Project Management.

The leadership training component attracts the best and brightest engineers to the program.  Network Partners’ Leadership team trains Apprentices on key business elements for becoming a successful packaging professional and future industry leader. Concentrated focus on effective communication skills, public speaking, professionalism in the workplace, knowledge of strengths and personality traits, all provide a deeper self-awareness and hones leadership skills.

Network Partners’ Apprentice Leadership Program provides Apprentices the foundational knowledge necessary to be work ready and supports continual training with a team of industry Subject Matter Experts. See what our Subject Matter Experts say about the program here.


There’s a Big Difference Between Our Contracted Apprentices vs. the Traditional Full Time Employee (FTE)

Project work doesn’t stop because the packaging team is short on resources. If project work is stacking up, consider hiring a contracted packaging engineer. Contracted positions have an added benefit of being more than 2x more productive than traditional FTEs due to the amount of time they can dedicate to a project*, and 100% of the cost associated with contract labor can be capitalized.

Network Partners can reduce turnover rates often associated with hiring traditional contractors and eliminate non-productive time spent on the hiring process. Apprentices are A-Players with strong technical acumen and possess three essential characteristics for business success – humble, hungry and people smart.


A Network Partners Apprentice is Not a Traditional “Contractor”

The term contractor often carries a negative stigmatism due to decades of data indicating contracts are either between jobs, unemployable, or only working a contract role until a “real job” comes along; harsh, but true.

It’s extremely difficult to find someone working a 12-month contracted assignment who is the most qualified candidate, dedicated to the project and team, committed to finishing the entire contract and resides within driving distance to your company’s front door.

After years of trying to find the right entry level people for contracted roles, we developed the Apprentice Leadership Program, effectively removing the negative elements associated with traditional contractors and replacing the traditional model with uniquely trained, work ready and entry level packaging engineers to meet our client’s needs.


Network Partners Apprentices check all the boxes

Additionally, each Apprentice is assigned a Network Partners manager/mentor to answer their questions, provide additional industry knowledge and support. We believe we’re building the next generation of industry leaders. Continuous training and mentoring of the Apprentices are key components for building strong leadership skills. See what our Apprentices have to say here.


Effectively Utilize Project Funds for a Packaging Engineering Contracted Resource

Successfully positioning contracted resources to receive funding is a crucial component for all managers. Clients who leverage the specific budgets associated with project work have the best success rate in hiring a contracted resource. Project budgets typically have funding for resources and tapping into the company’s funding for these projects is the best way to fund an Apprentice to get the necessary work done.

The annualized cost of an Apprentice is comparable to a fully burdened full-time employee, especially when considering the dedicated time to specific project work, de-risking the hiring process and cost of time not spent hiring and training the wrong resource. We use a real-world model to demonstrate the actual value of a contract packaging engineer.




It’s Time to Work Happier

It’s a common challenge for packaging managers; too much work, not enough qualified resources – a combination that doesn’t translate into work life balance. Change the paradigm.  Hire an entry-level packaging engineer with specific industry training and strong SME support to answer questions, manage and mentor. With a Network Partners Apprentice, you’re not getting a resource to manage, you’re getting an engineer who is work-ready and can get projects completed on-time and on-budget. If that sounds like the balance you’ve been missing, let’s discuss your project work and see how an Apprentice from Network Partners can help you work happier!

* Based on a study from AtTask conducted by Harris Poll, based on U.S. employees at companies with 1,000 or more employees.  Employees only spend 45% of their time on their primary job duties.

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