Using AI technology, FALCON is transforming label verification from a manual process to a highly automated one.

What is FALCON? 

FALCON is an AI tool that compares and ensures label system content and new GLS content are the same, or that only intended changes were made during the transition.


Imagine a clean transition over to the new GLS without the months it takes to define the work, collate, inspect, secondary inspect, scan, and attach the scan to the change notice to provide objective evidence the label change happened correctly. This process easily takes 15 minutes per label. A GLS label verification process often takes months to complete and requires running multiple systems simultaneously, increasing the chance for errors or misses during the process. Many companies avoid or delay implementing a GLS simply due to the incredibly long process and the high potential for errors during the verification process.

FALCON automates label verification making it up to 50 times faster than typical visual label verification. What took years in the past and posed a high risk for errors now takes months and has a much higher reliability level than the current human-centric process. FALCON also produces a final report, meticulously capturing metrics and change specifics, providing labeling leaders with objective evidence and confidence that everything is correct.


Labeling errors are expensive and infuriating! Outdated labeling systems are holding back sophisticated medical device manufacturers from being efficient, effective and accurate – leading to major problems caused from messing up a 6 cent label. By utilizing AI technology at key steps in the process, FALCON eliminates errors while conducting massive amounts of label changes up to 50 times faster with higher accuracy. It reduces a risky process from years to months while realizing significant improvement in reliability over the current process.

Labeling is likely the riskiest secondary operation in your business. Automating the process with FALCON means fewer label errors, which translates into fewer field actions and faster time to market. FALCON offers a solution that de-risks the current highly error-prone operation and provides objective evidence the labels are correct.