On most Friday afternoons at 12pm ET or 12pm PT Network Partners’ employees can be found participating in the company’s book club.  It’s a time when we come together on GoToMeeting video conference and discuss the previous week’s reading, share ideas, thoughts, relevant experiences and even some differing interpretations of the author’s words. Perhaps it’s the chance to connect with remote colleagues on a more personal level that draws so many people to participate in the optional book club or the opportunity to dig deeper and learn something new about ourselves between the pages of each book.

Network Partners’ company culture is centered around the growth and development of our team. Company president and co-founder, Tim Early, had the vision to create a different kind of company, one that pours into the development of its people and operates in a transparent, energetic and up lifting environment.  The original book club had two members Tim, and the company’s first employee, Mandy Neher, Corporate Development Manager.  Their first book, The Power of the Other by Dr. Henry Cloud, is the club’s cornerstone book and is now included in every new employee “welcome aboard” kit.  Dr. Cloud stresses the power of “Corner 4 Conversations” and the importance of having a “monkey buddy” at work. Today, Network Partners has over 50 employees.  As we continue to grow, the goal to connect and build team chemistry remains a high priority.  We utilize the book club to help create a sense of belonging and the opportunity to truly get to know one another.

The 2017 book club selections include; The Challenger Sale, The Ideal Team Player, and Grit.  We’ve also filled gaps between book readings with Leadership Cast videos and Simon Sinek Ted Talks.  These books and teachings encourage the reader to look inside oneself to find our inner Leader, Salesman (because everyone is in sales!), Team player, and gauge our innate level of determination. Next up, Switch – effective ways to create change. Here at Network Partners, a focus on team building creates a work environment we’re proud to call our own.