Cold Chain

typical cold chain projects

Nearly all of our cold chain projects are aimed at creating high quality, cost effective and efficient systems. Although our projects differ based on the industry they’re for, some of the most common include:

  • Cold Chain Solutions

  • Quality Systems Documentation

  • Testing & Validation Services

  • Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Support

Our Services Are Unique By Industry

All our resources are specialized — both across industries and the services we offer. That means we’re able to address the distinct needs of each industry and the goals to be accomplished in appropriate, cost-effective ways.

Medical Device

It’s critical that temperature control projects go smoothly – the product’s efficacy depends on it. Our resources are adept at everything from qualification protocols for thermal protection systems to compliance verification for global solutions.

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As a part of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, temperature control has a tremendous impact on businesses – in terms of patient outcomes, product availability and the bottom line. Our resources work on projects ranging from thermal protection system validation and qualification protocols to global solutions compliance verification.

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